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Accident Replacement Vehicles Melbourne

National Motor Claims are your go to company if you are in need of an accident replacement car in Melbourne, as well as all of Australia. We understand the stress involved due to being involved in a car accident so we want to help you take that burden off your shoulders. Get in touch with our team today and we will organise an accident replacement vehicle for you.

How to Secure Your Accident Replacement Car

With a growing population and more people on the road throughout Australia, accidents are bound to happen unexpectedly, quickly, and especially in heavily built-up cities. This making car accidents quite a common occurrence in our everyday lives. We understand this gets in the way of our errands and working life, and may take a few days to weeks to repair, however going without a car should be the least of your worries. Having an accident replacement vehicle minimises the worries of not being able to proceed with your everyday life.  You may not be sure if you are eligible for a replacement car, so our friendly team have prepared a few important ways to guarantee you have an accidental replacement car when you’re in need.

Not all motor vehicle insurance policies guarantee a replacement car when you get into an accident. We advise you thoroughly read your insurance policy to see if this is included and if there is any premium you will need to pay to arrange for a replacement vehicle whilst your car is in repair.

Often, we are not aware that our insurance policies don’t offer a replacement car as part of our insurance policy, or we are not at fault. If this does happen to you, simply speak with you friendly team so we guide you through to process of getting you a replacement car.

If you are not at fault, the other party’s insurance must pay for you to have a replacement car, given they have insurance. This is where you can experience National Motor Claims expertise in Not At Fault accidents. Even if you are at fault still get in touch and we can advise accodingly

Why use National Motor Claims?

Involved in a not at fault car accident? Stressed about being treated unfairly? Angst between parties? You’ve come to the right place!

The last thing on your mind should be worrying about securing a replacement car and being inconvenienced, especially when you are not to blame. We understand that accidents themselves are stressful enough as it is and at times there may be certain disagreements between parties causing further stresses and anxieties around the process. This is where National Motor Claims comes in.

Our professional and friendly team will pay attention to detail with each claim and find a solution for you in a timely manner. If there are any difficulties that arise, we will make sure to have these discussions for you to build your case. Each of our customers will be ensured that they are treated with fairness throughout the process, as a result, we guarantee that you get what you are owed. Rest assured your claims will be followed and our amazing staff will keep you up to date with how your claim is progressing.

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At National Motor Claims we will work tirelessly to guarantee that your claim is handled with concern.  Our staff are trained to achieve the best possible outcome for all our customers and their unique circumstances. Whether your claim is as simple as needing a not at fault car hire or to have the difficult conversation with other parties, we will persevere to always get you the best possible outcome.

If you have had an accident and/or have unique circumstances and need assistance, please contact us as soon as possible.


If you're not at fault, you don't need to pay a cent out of your own pocket.

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