Had a car accident and need to make a Not At Fault Claim Melbourne?

With our Not at Fault Claim process we help you claim what is rightfully yours, whether your car is insured or uninsured.


Not at Fault Hire Car Melbourne

When you make your Not At Fault Accident Claim through us, we will provide you with an Accident Replacement Vehicle in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia from our extensive fleet and recover the costs from the At Fault Party.

Not At Fault Claims for Uninsured and Insured Vehicles

At National Motor Claims we are a not at fault claims, Motor Accident Management Service and Insurance Claims Specialist supporting clients with their Not At Fault Claims Melbourne and Australia wide.

When you are involved in a Not At Fault Accident, whether you have insurance or not – you have rights. Not only does National Motor Claims help ensure those rights, but we also provide an accident replacement car whilst you await the retrieval of what is rightfully yours – a not at fault accident sum whether with or without insurance.

Instead of going through an insurance company for your Not At Fault Claim and paying an excess, we have our own independent assessors and we specialise in recovering your losses on your behalf with the best possible outcome.

We take our recovery fee from the final settlement and you pay nothing out of pocket.

Don't Pay Excess

Submitting your Not At Fault Claim through National Motor Claims means you don’t pay an excess with your insurance company. This is because you are bypassing your own insurance company and using our specialist services to settle the matter on your behalf.

Insurance Premium Unaffected

When you make a Not At Fault Claim through National Motor Claims, you don’t need to make a claim with your insurer. This means there is no claim record on your insurance policy and your Insurance Premium does not get affected.

Hire Car & Towing Included

All our clients have access to an inclusive Hire Car and Towing Service to keep you moving whilst we take care of your Not At Fault Claim. You do not need to pay out of pocket for our Hire Car and Towing Service as the cost is included in the settlement.

Insured or Uninsured

When you are involved in a Not At Fault Accident, whether you have insurance or not, you have the same right to claim what is owed to you from the At Fault Party. We specialise in recovering all your losses with our Not At Fault Claim process.

Better valuation of all costs incurred for your Not At Fault Claim

Vehicle Damage

Loss of Income

Transport Costs

Incurred Costs

We know what it’s like to be at a loss after an accident, particularly when you were not at fault!

Our specialist independent assessors work to make sure you are getting the full potential value that you are entitled to from your Not At Fault Claim.

Don’t settle for less with Insurance Companies who are only interested in saving their own bottom line.

Whether you are insured or not, we will achive the best value for your Not At Fault Claim.

Why submit your Not At Fault Claim through us instead of your Insurance company?

There’s a handful of reasons why our clients choose our Not At Fault Claims process rather than going through an insurance company.

Think of us as a boutique service, where we offer a lot of value-add and you receive a more specialised experience without needing to pay an excess. We take our recovery fee from the final settlement amount.

That’s right, you have a more personalised experience, we achieve a better outcome and you don’t need to pay a cent out of pocket!

Melbourne’s Top Accident Rental Not At Fault Claims Company

National Motor Claims’ first class service comes equipped with two awesome features: a thorough not at fault claim as well as an accident rental car to get you through whilst you await the process’s positive outcome.

We believe in ensuring our clients’ rights are met with every process, and unlike insurance companies we don’t view you as another number – your claim is paramount to our commitment and we want you to have the peace of mind that a great result will be achieved if you are no way at fault – insured or uninsured.

We understand that being involved in a car accident is an unpleasant experience, and that the last thing you want is a difficult claims process when you know you weren’t at fault and just want to get on with your life.

With this knowledge in mind, the National Motor Claims works incredibly hard on your behalf to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to without all the distressing and frustrating delays that can come with other processes.

We simply provide you with your accident replacement vehicle and get to work on claiming what’s rightfully yours without any trouble.