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Not At Fault? You're Eligible For Accident Car Hire!

If you’re not at fault for the car accident, you’re eligible for Not At Fault Car Hire – whether you have insurance or not.

Whilst your damaged car is waiting to be assessed, we’ll organise Same Day Delivery of a rental vehicle to your doorstep. Then we’ll work on recovering the costs from the at fault party so your car can be repaired.

Speak with us today and we’ll get you back on the road with Courtesy Car Hire.

Our Fleet of Not At Fault Hire Cars

We offer a wide variety of Not At Fault Hire Cars for our clients.

Hatchback Hire

If you need a nimble fuel-savvy car to get around.

Sedan Hire

Daily run around to get to work or the grocery store.

SUV Hire

For clients who need a spacious car for the family.

Ute Hire

If you’re a tradie and need to fit all your tools.

Van Hire

For clients who need a Van for commercial use.

Prestige Hire

If you require a Luxury car, we’ve got you covered.

Why Not At Fault Car Hire Instead Of Going Through Your Insurer?

You don’t need to submit an insurance claim if you have insurance.

You’re still eligible for a rental car after an accident. Insured and Uninsured drivers have the same rights when they are Not At Fault.

You would be surprised to hear most of our Not At Fault Car Hire clients DO have insurance cover.

Our clients prefer our boutique Not At Fault Accident Car Hire Service rather than going through their car insurance company.

Reasons Why You'd Choose Our Not At Fault Accident Rental Car Service

Here are reasons why our clients choose us for a not at fault accident car rental.

Get Back On The Road Today With A Not At Fault Hire Car

You can Submit your Not At Fault Claim Online or Contact Us via any of our contact details on the website.

We’ll review your claim and ensure the At Fault Driver accepts liability. As soon as liability is accepted, we’ll send you a Not At Fault Hire Car on the same day.


If you're not at fault, you don't need to pay a cent out of your own pocket.

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