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National Motor Claims provides Brisbane motorists with not at fault claims and accident car hire. We understand that being involved in a car accident is truly unfortunate: it is a distressing and frustrating experience that we know everyone can do without. But what’s worse is when you know that the accident was caused by no fault of your own, and that you are worse off as a result. Whether awaiting payments for repairs, a new car, income loss or something different, you should be ensured your rights as a motorist during this unfortunate experience.

This is where National Motor Claims come into the process. We exist to ensure your rights are met regardless of your insurance status. We provide thorough and comprehensive not at fault claims, ensuring you retrieve what is rightfully yours and without all the problems that come with insurance claims. What’s more, we proudly offer accident repair vehicles whilst you await your vehicle’s return from the garage or the payments to purchase a brand new vehicle. We are committed to ensuring Brisbane motorists who are not complicit in the accident have the very best outcome, and we will continue to do that on your behalf.

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The National Motor Claims team doesn’t think you should have to go without a vehicle whilst you await your claim to be processed. After all, you know that you didn’t cause the accident, and so why should it be fair that you can’t get around on account of someone else’s poor driving? The National Motor Claims team will gladly provide you with an accident car hire to get you from A to B and beyond whilst you await your process’s happy outcome, with a high quality car to be given to you so that you are not stuck without one in this frustrating, unwanted time.

We care about you receiving the very best service and this is just one of the many reasons why you will receive a highly capable vehicle whilst you await our team’s thorough and comprehensive not at fault claim process.

Not at fault claims without insurance

We understand that not all motorists have the same coverage, but we don’t think they should have to suffer as a result. Therefore, we provide our valued clients with not at fault without insurance claims so that regardless of your coverage you will still be entitled to what is rightfully yours. There would be absolutely nothing fair about not retrieving your just payments because you didn’t have the same level of coverage as someone else – we are here to ensure you receive them regardless.


If you're not at fault, you don't need to pay a cent out of your own pocket.

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