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We provide the Gold Coast with fast not at fault claims

One of the more frustrating things in life is a car accident, especially when you’re not at fault. You’re just simply cruising along and someone comes to ruin your day – and potentially your car – for you. So now you don’t have a running vehicle but you also have to wait ages for your claim to process, right?

Absolutely not!

National Motor Claims is here to ensure you receive a fast and efficient car accident assertion process, with our expert team working round the clock to help you get the very best outcome. What’s more, we also provide you with an accidental replacement vehicle that you can cruise around in whilst awaiting a positive result from your claim.

Don't Pay Excess

Insurance Premium Unaffected

Hire Car & Towing Included

Insured or Uninsured

We provide not at fault accident rental vehicles

We know you don’t want to be waiting around for your claim to process, and we also know you don’t want to go without being on the road for long. Many Gold Coast motorists rely on their car to get to work, social events and to look after loved ones, and so why should they have to go without a car because someone else put theirs out of action?

That’s not right, and so our team is here to ensure you have something top quality to drive around in whilst you await the process to complete as well as any repairs/purchases you have to make as a result of the accident.

After all, you didn’t cause the accident, so why would it be fair for you to have to get the bus around during this frustrating time? We don’t think it would be, and so we have you covered with a top notch vehicle whilst you await your speedy process to complete.

We proudly offer not at fault accident without insurance claims

Just because you don’t have the same level of coverage as someone it doesn’t mean you’re not afforded the same rights as them. This is especially so if their careless driving has put you out of pocket and off the road.

We are here to stand up for motorist rights regardless of their insurance level, and so we proudly offer not at fault accident without insurance claims so you always get what’s rightfully yours – a good return for the incident you didn’t create.

So, if you’ve found yourself in one of these unfortunate scenarios, please feel free to call our expert team on 1800 0 FAULT (1800 032 858) and we will assist you with your process in a way that receives the best outcome and provides you with something nice to drive around in throughout this annoying period.


If you're not at fault, you don't need to pay a cent out of your own pocket.

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