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So, you’ve been in a car accident that’s not your fault – what a nuisance! One of life’s ultimate frustrations is being in a motor incident and not being culpable, especially because you have to wait for your award without a car to drive, right?

Well, not necessarily…

National Motor Claims provides Sunshine Coast drivers with not at fault accident claims that ensures they barely have to wait to have their claim processed and to receive what is rightfully theirs – remuneration for an issue they didn’t cause.

What’s more, we don’t think you should have to go without driving whilst awaiting the outcome, so we provide a high quality accident rental car that you can enjoy whilst we quickly process this annoying little situation.

Don't Pay Excess

Insurance Premium Unaffected

Hire Car & Towing Included

Insured or Uninsured

We a offer high quality not at fault accident rental car

We don’t think you should have to be off road on account of another driver’s mistake – that just doesn’t sound right, does it? Instead, we ensure that you are able to keep cruising around the coast as you await the process’s outcome, with our not at fault accident rental car service.

After all – you didn’t cause this unfortunate situation to occur – why on Earth should you have to sit around waiting for repairs, taking the bus everywhere when you could be cruising around in a nice vehicle?

Many Sunshine Coast motorists need their cars for daily life: going to work, social events, looking after loved ones – you have the right to still be on the road regardless of what this frustrating situation has thrown in your way.

If you’ve been in an unfortunate accident and need something to drive whilst you await the outcome, speak to our experts and we’ll help you out.

Providing not at fault accident without insurance claims in the Sunshine Coast

Just because you don’t have the level of coverage that, say, the person who caused the accident does, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the same motorist rights as that person.

We are here to ensure that is the case, and therefore proudly offer not at fault accidents without insurance claims for drivers regardless of their level of coverage.

That’s right, we’ll happily handle your case even if you have the minimally required level of insurance, as we believe that all motorists should be afforded the same rights regardless of where they’re at with coverage.

So, if you’ve found yourself in one of these annoying life situations, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our experts and we will rectify the situation quickly and efficiently.

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If you're not at fault, you don't need to pay a cent out of your own pocket.

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