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National Motor Claims provides not at fault claims and accident rental cars for Sydney motorists. Being involved in a car accident is always distressing, but it’s even worse when the accident occurred by no fault of your own. This is when you need the best team to ensure your rights are implemented and that you retrieve exactly what is rightfully yours – due payment for the accident occurring.

But not only does National Motor Claims handle our clients’ processes with skill and confidence, we also provide high quality accident replacement cars for when they are waiting to have their car fixed or receive the money to purchase a new vehicle. This is our commitment to ensuring Sydney’s motorists are not left out of pocket and without a vehicle: we handle your process and ensure you are still on the road whilst awaiting your due payment. We also proudly handle not at fault accident without insurance claims, ensuring your rights are met and that the process has a positive result.

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Accident Replacement Vehicle Sydney

Naturally, car accidents vary in severity. They can be something as innocuous as a dint or require a brand new vehicle. If your claim is tilting anywhere toward the latter, we will ensure that whilst your claim is being processed that you have a high quality vehicle that can get you around before you buy a brand new vehicle or your current vehicle’s repairs are complete.

We know that you didn’t bring this unfortunate event on yourself, and so why should you be unable to take to the road whilst you await your payment? At National Motor Claims we believe that you, the not at fault motorist, has the same rights as everyone else on the road, and should therefore be able to drive whilst you await vehicle repairs or the payment for a brand new vehicle.

We provide not at fault accident without insurance claims

We know that not everyone has their car insured, and that’s fine with us! At National Motor Claims, we can ensure that you receive the payments that are rightfully yours regardless of how much your vehicle is insured. After all, you have as much right to receive payments as someone whose vehicle is fully insured, and shouldn’t miss out on account of someone else causing you an accident.

This is the National Motor Claims’ dedication to our valued clients: we want you to receive the best, fairest and most thorough not at fault accident claim as possible, and we believe all Australians have the right to this, especially when the accident was no fault of their own.


If you're not at fault, you don't need to pay a cent out of your own pocket.

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